Wild Parsnip

Invades prairies, fields, and roadsides. Causes rashes and blisters when sap is exposed to skin with sunshine. Find more information about wild parsnip here.

phrag 2.jpg


Grows in moist habitat around lakes and rivers. Spreads along roadsides in drainage ditches. Find more information about phragmites here.

Spotted Knapweed3 - Paul Skawinski-.jpg

Spotted Knapweed

Colonizes areas around prairies and fields, destroying habitat for many native animals and insects. Find more information about spotted knapweed here.

Garlic Mustard1- Paul Skawinski.jpg

Garlic Mustard

Shades out wildflowers and other native plants in fields and the understory of forests leading to habitat loss. Find more information about garlic mustard here.



Invades wetlands, prairies, and woodlands. Can prevent native regeneration after timber harvest. Find more information about common buckthorn here and glossy buckthorn here


This page does not include every invasives species that CWIP targets.


All photos by Paul Skawinski


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