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Minnesota Wildflowers is a great source of identification information for both native and invasive species. Although it's specific to Minnesota, it includes most species found in Wisconsin. 

Avas Flowers is a good resource if you're interested in birds! This webpage has lots of links to resources you can use to attract birds with your garden or wildflowers.

Wisconsin DNR has information about all of the invasive species that are regulated in Wisconsin. The site includes identification and management information. is a large website with information about thousands of species that may be invasive to different regions of the US. The site hosts lots of great photos, along with resources for mapping and controlling invasive species.

The Wisconsin First Detector Network has a library of fact sheets that contain valuable identification and control information.

The GLEDN app includes pictures of each species that are available offline.

Invasive Plants of the Upper Midwest: An Illustrated Guide to Their Identification and Control by Elizabeth J. Czarapata is a highly recommended book for those interested in invasive plants. It is available for purchase online from various retailers. 

Identification videos are available from the Morton Arboretum and the University of Wisconsin-Extension/WIFDN.

CWIP sometimes holds webinars that cover invasive species identification and management. 


Dutchman's breeches is a native spring wildflower. 

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