CWIP is developing a trained team of individuals to serve as a Strike Team for our seven-county area. The strike team will visit reported patches of isolated high-priority invasive species, confirm their identification, and remove or treat the patch before it spreads. This early detection and rapid response model will help prevent harmful invasives from establishing in our area!

Hogweed removal Ken Madeline.jpg

Giant hogweed before it was dug out and removed

Some species that may be targeted by this Strike Team include Amur cork tree, black swallow-wort, bohemian and giant knotweed, Dalmatian toadflax, Eurasian marsh thistle, giant hogweed, hedge parsley, Japanese hops, non-native wisteria,  phragmites, poison hemlock, porcelain berry, and wild chervil. 

Hogweed hole.jpg

Giant hogweed hole, before it was filled in

Photos by Paul Skawinski

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